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Supermodel Helena is a young, beautiful and determined, always with great success in their personal and professional life. His fate will change drastically from the moment she falls in love with Mark, a man twenty years older, and that just put an end to a marriage of 30 years. Mark is the former husband of Teresa, with whom he had three daughters, Luciana, Isabella and Mia, the latter being the youngest and also to foster. Helen and Mark have their first meeting in Buzios, a city in Rio de Janeiro where she was born and raised and where, at the beginning of the plot, happens at a fashion show that she is the star. It is also there that Helena's mother, Edith, has an inn. Edit Oswaldo is divorced with two children who had more than Helen, Sandra and Paul. Sandra is a spoiled brat and very feisty, which dates Bing, a hard-core drug dealer. She is always beaten by him, gets pregnant, try to have an abortion, but is convinced not to do, and love the bandit does not. She loves this cruel man who almost killed Edith, his mother, and she also. Have you used drugs in the slums of Rio and fleeing police. But his brother, Paul, is a quiet boy who wants a job and dating Soraya, sister of Flavius, both sons of Onofre and Matilde, who work in the home of Mark and Teresa in Buzios. Edit is married to Ronaldo, who tries not to get involved in the problems of the family of Edit, but can not.
Helen carries a personal drama: at age 18, had an abortion in exchange for a contract of international fashion. Luciana is a spoiled brat and aspiring supermodel, Helena's biggest rival on the catwalk. Appalled by the father's new novel, Luciana will join mom, Teresa, that love to fight. Since Isabel is a nagging wife and feisty, living at odds with, and Luciana Mia, her sisters. Mia is a young sweet, friendly and affectionate, but being a virgin, is the victim of mockery of Elizabeth. Luciana dating George, a man in love, but do not like the idea of ​​her being a model. George, in turn, in addition to being a tough guy, responsible and serious, has a problem at home, his identical twin brother Michael, is the opposite of him, his only concern is Renata, his girlfriend, who cashes his frustration at not accomplish his dream of becoming an actress bingeing on alcohol, which soon becomes a big and dangerous addiction - it gets even worse when she stops eating, exchanging food for alcohol, and then an alcoholic anorexia.
In the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhood of the Botanical Garden, Helen shares an apartment with her friend and confidant Ellen, a doctor who works at the Hospital Saint Therese of the Roses. In Rio de Janeiro, Helena has more than two friends, Alice, single woman who wants to enjoy his life, and Ariane, early medical career with Marcelo whose marriage is in crisis. Teresa is a former model who started it all for taking care of his daughters, at the behest of Mark, and does not accept that her daughter Luciana follow the same career, has a studio rehearsals with sexy mature women. Ingrid is the mother of identical twins and married Miguel and Jorge Leandro. Another friend of Teresa's Betina, an elegant woman, mother and wife Clarissa Gustavo, who is hitting on Malu, a renowned journalist and press Betina's economy. Clarissa dating Bernardo, a man older than her and has a restaurant, meeting place of youth in Rio. Betina tries to cheat with Carlos Gustavo, a healed the academy.

The plot also deals with two adventurous friends Bruno and Philip. Bruno holds taking pictures for travel magazines and has his mother in Brazil. Already Philip works as a tour guide and I ran all over the world for adventures and dangers, even having an affair with a Brazilian, in Jerusalem. [6] One day in Buzios to spend a season, the beautiful Dora, which is Flavinho cousin and her daughter Rafaela, a very intelligent and smart girl. When you arrive in the city are already poorly received as Helena, who was driving with Alice in that time has passed over a puddle of water and water both. Dora and Rafaela enter a taxi to go to meet the two Flavinho, which later leads to his house. Dora finds work in a restaurant, where he has worked some years ago. On one occasion, Dora and her daughter Rafaela go to the beach, in the same place where Helen is alone by boat to the sea, but his boat was hit heavily on a jet ski and it ends up being thrown overboard. Dora sees the scene and rushes to help her.
Mark is reminded of the fact occurred, warns Alice, who did not know at this time of the event, and runs to the hospital where Helen was rescued. Back in her home, which is used Matilde Aunt Dora, said that his niece was saved and Helena who asks you to call it. Dora and Rafaela go to your house to visit her, but when they see your car there, it was she who discovered the wet in his arrival. Rafaela is a very smart girl, and her mother complains that she puts in many situations of shame around other people. Helena offers a lot of money to Dora, the education of Rafaela, eventually accepts it as it is in financial trouble. Who does not like it, however, is Onofre, husband of Matilda who is also his uncle, who is angry with Dora as she does to communicate suspenseful as she received from Helena, which was a check for 10 thousand dollars and requires that it helps the costs. Dora leaves home after an argument with Onofre, and Garcia, the owner of the restaurant where she works, she offers her home to dwell and Rafaela. Everything is complicated when Mark is hopelessly enchanted by Dora.
Sandra discovers that Bing is nearby, and his mother wants him away from his daughter. One day, she feels strong contractions and her mother says it's time the baby is born, then it is taken to hospital where he is met by Ricardo. His son is born and while she sleeps, Bing enters the room, to see his son for the first time is encouraged by Sandrinha to pick him up, but enters the edit room and get scared when you see it picking up his grandson, thinking he'll do something wrong with the child, and expelled from the room. The police are called and the dogs, but he escapes. Sandra creates Joseph, her son without a father, but as it is still in love with him is still in hiding with her boyfriend, and decides to introduce him to her family with the hope that the leave to be with him. In a tarot consultation, Regina. Renata's mother provides a job offer abroad and a serious accident in the future of Luciana, who pays no attention. Helena receives an invitation to parade in Petra, Jordan and asks Luciana also be invited in order to get closer. On the trip, they know Bruno and Philip, who become friends, and have many discussions. Returning to Brazil after a serious discussion, the bus where they were Luciana and other models has an accident. Helena, who had forbidden the presence of Luciana assigned to it in the car, feels guilty. Luciana is brought to Brazil where doctors confirmed that is quadriplegic.

Helena has a tough conversation with Teresa, who despises him and slaps, blaming her daughter's accident. Helena discovers she is pregnant and, after talking to Mark, who does not like the idea, go to Buzios stay with family. Bruno and Philip heard of the accident are Luciana and, therefore, decided to visit her. When you arrive in Brazil, Alice is interested in both. Soon after, Mark apologizes to Helen and the two resume. Dora starts to feel sick and after a test of pharmacy, confirm her pregnancy, but do not know if the child who is waiting or is Mark Garcia. Later, Helen loses the baby after a miscarriage and begins to think that was because of the abortion she had as a teenager. Luciana begins to react with some tests that Michael and Laura, his new nurse do. Michael makes the design of a heart on one of his feet, and she feels. Larissa, a physiotherapist from the hospital, helps her to sit on the edge of his bed and leaves all thrilled. By this time, she hopes to recover from the accident. One day, Luke's father, reappears in Buzios Rafaela and requires Dora will give 100 thousand dollars to go away and leave her and her daughter alone. He is a dangerous criminal who abandoned her when she was pregnant again and now you money to boot. She turns to Helena, hoping to escape from Búzios and go live with her in Rio, as her maid.

Dora is pregnant, but did not tell anyone. She does not know whether Garcia is the father (she nicknamed Maradona), an Argentine who gave you the house to her and her daughter, whom she likes as a friend, but once, drunk, slept together, or is Mark by someone who really fell in love and lived day of love on the beaches of Buzios. He is the husband of Helen, and Dora never saw him nor knows he is the husband of Helen and Mark called. The worst happens: Fleeing Lucas, Dora and Rafaela move in with Helen. There she discovers who he really is the supposed father of her child. Mark sends her away, but she will not. They saw lovers and Dora will blackmail him and it will start a lot of money for her not to tell Helena that they had an affair and that he may be the father of her child. Helena does not even suspect that Dora and Mark meet, much less that pregnancy can be Dora Mark. Miguel Jorge, and they fight a lot for Luciana, who is in love with Michael.

She decides to separate himself from George, and perhaps indulge in Michael. Another couple that is coming is Renata and Philip. They live a fun friendship, which has a half-hidden attraction, yet. Bruno discovers that his father is Mark, and take some pictures of him to investigate. Neither his mother knows about the photos, let alone Mark, that neither know. He begins to investigate the monster who abandoned his pregnant mother. He has a lot of grief and hatred of his father. Sandrinha runs away from home with the child and goes to live with Bing on the hill. His mother discovers and despair, but eventually accepts. Helen does not like it, but go there to visit her. Helen and Bruno are getting closer. They kiss and Helen feels guilty. Rafaela sees everything and starts to irritate Helena taunts, since Mark does not know this little betrayal, leaving Helena very guilty. Meanwhile, Dora and Mark are on the sly, and even have sex in the bed of Helen! Dora is dirty, or his money, with the unplanned pregnancy. Meanwhile, in Buzios, shows that Soraya has the same blood poison Dora, as they are cousins. She goes to work in the restaurant Garcia, and starts to seduce him with clothes and provocative gestures, because she wants to do well in life at the expense of someone with money.

He controls much Soraya not to take to bed, in respect of Dora, who does not want to know more of it! Dora is experienced and smart woman. Helena finds out about Mark and Dora. She is devastated and her friends Ellen and Alice to help at this difficult time. She was separated from Mark, because of the coldness of it, and living a romance with Bruno before she discovers this betrayal. She will shine on the catwalk and his love for Bruno will become more intense as his for her. He met his wife Helena of your life! Dora is very bad for Helena to have discovered everything and explains it, but Helen does not care and gets very angry and sad. Mark also explained, but she did not want to hear it and starts to hate it. Dora is afraid of Mark do something bad to herself and she leaves to Búzios, the daughter finds and returns to his former life, very frightened, and Mark will want to know about is his own son, and know blow it will be framing it.

Mark is living alone in the mansion, as Luciana lives there, but is more with the mother. Speaking of Teresa, she is involved with Jean, a French ex-boyfriend who returned her and her daughters are hoping for a romance. At first she is resistant, but is carried away by the love of adolescence. Philip and Renata become increasingly united and they have their first night. It appears that they will be together for so long. Over time, Helen and Bruno will be more intimate, and most will live and sleep together. It is a day that Helen will learn that he is the son of Sylvia, the former wife of Mark and will be suspicious if Bruno is his son, but Bruno will speak of this with time. Jorge begins to be friends with Ariane and they go out quite as friends. He becomes friends with his son. A novel is emerging and Ariane and George can live a great love. Passion and Suzana will be jealous and Myrna too, but she will accept, because he accepts it with other men because she is a prostitute.

The outcome of the plot showed, among several scenes, the reconciliation of Gustavo and Betina, the wickedness of Mia Elizabeth, and Isabel cnamorando an American millionaire, making Soraya charm and insinuating themselves into the new Argentina Buzios, the DNA test proving that Juan Carlos is the son of Dora with Maradona and following the couple showing their Rafael new birth certificate, the marriage of Ellen and Ariane Ricardo Jorge, the birth of twin sons Michael and Luciana, Luciana and back to the catwalks even for ever having been in a wheelchair. In the final scenes in photo format into the air, showing how each character ended the novel. Emphasis on Bruno and Helen, happily married with a daughter in her arms.

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Jerusalém, onde as primeiras cenas da novela foram gravadas.
O bairro carioca do Leblon, onde se passa a maior parte da trama.
InfoAviso: Terminam aqui as revelações sobre o enredo (spoilers).
[editar] Elenco
Taís Araújo interpretou a protagonista Helena.
Alinne Moraes interpretou a modelo Luciana.
Thiago Lacerda interpretou o fotógrafo Bruno.
Bárbara Paz interpretou a alcoólotra Renata.
Max Fercondini interpretou Ricardo.
Rodrigo Hilbert interpretou Felipe.
Daniele Suzuki interpretou Ellen.
Camila Morgado interpretou Malu.
Role played
Helena Toledo Ribeiro Marcondes
Marcos Ribeiro
Dora Regina Vitória Vilela Campos
Bruno Marcondes
Luciana Saldanha Ribeiro
Miguel/Jorge Guimarães Machado
Betina Trindade de Araújo Rocha
Renata Ferreira
Ellen Murakami
Malu (Maria Lúcia Trindade)
Ariane Machado
Alice Soares Gurgel
Flávio Vilela (Flavinho)
Edite Toledo
Clarisse Trindade de Araújo Rocha
Ângela Barros
Leonardo Machado
Soraia Vilela
Apresentadora do desfile de moda
Oswaldo Toledo
Mario José Paz
José García (Maradona)
Tomie Murakami
Onofre Vilela
Sílvia Marcondes
César Mello
Matilde Vilela
Melissa Vittore
Beto Nasci
Afonso Viana
Michel Gomes
Paulo Toledo
Rogério Romera
Cristina Flores
Dr. Mário Moretti
Isabel Mello
Chris Moniz
Sheila Mattos
Roberta Viana
Roberta Almeida
Natasha Haydt
Thianna Bialli
Leandro Machado
Gustavo de Araújo Rocha
Noêmia Ribeiro[7][8]
Yolanda Machado
Regina Ferreira
Sandra Toledo (Sandrinha)
Isabel Saldanha Ribeiro
Bruno Perillo
Bernardo Gaudêncio
Benedito Sampaio (Benê)
Mia Saldanha Ribeiro
Thelma Paixão
Léo Branchi
Celso Toledo (Celsinho)
Caio Manhente
Gabriel Machado
Ingrid Guimarães Machado
Tereza Saldanha


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